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I upgraded to mobileme from .mac, have a new iPod Touch and purchased Omnifocus for iPhone. Installed the new OF beta (alpha) 1.1 on the desktop and was able to sync to the iPod, no problems. However, I have noticed that when I now sync to iCal in OF for Mac, nothing happens in iCal, the old tasks are still there and the changes recently made in OF do not sync to iCal.

I have an old post from the forum that I've kept since January which lists things to do when iCal syncing doesn't work. I've tried them all, including the final "fix" of entering the following in terminal (which always worked in the past when iCal syncing was broken):

killall SyncServer
rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/SyncServices/*

This time, the trick didn't work. I know I was taking a chance since .me sync is different, and I don't yet know if this screwed the new mobileme push and other sync capabilities.

(Update: I just got a pop up window from Mac sync to MobileMe telling me "You might be syncing this data for the first time..", I guess that makes sense since the trick wipes out all sync history on my mac - I'll use action "replace all data on MobileMe".)

At any rate, is there a problem with sneakypeek 1.1 ( v77.4.0.102775) regarding syncing with iCal on the mac?

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