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I haven't yet purchased OF for iPhone simply because I have a few questions that I need answered before I take the plunge.

I'm basing some of what I say in this post on a few minutes of playing with "Things" for iPhone. A friend of mine decided to go the Things route and it's the only point of reference (on the iPhone) that I have. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who's purchased OF to get a chance to play around with it before buying.

My dilemma is the following: I'm a Mac user at home and a Windows user at work (not by choice might I add). Therefore, since the iPhone goes with me wherever I go, I'm looking for the best task-management/GTD based app for the device that can basically do it all. I'm definitely not looking for something that's crippled and isn't fully featured.

That being said, I have yet to find any concrete information regarding "Someday/Maybes" and "On Hold" items/projects on the iPhone version. so I guess my questions are:
  1. I want to know how the interface (if it exists) on the iPhone works for handling or putting projects/actions "On Hold"? I know OF for iPhone supports these, but is there anyway to actually put the projects/actions on hold on the iPhone? I often have to postpone projects or actions and I don't want them cluttering up views if I don't need to see them.
  2. Second, how do people handle "Someday/Maybes"? Things for the iPhone allows you to put actions into this list thereby eliminating further pollution of your "must-do" actions/projects. I don't see a lot of mention on this forum of Someday/Maybes, but I know it's something I would definitely need

Again, this is all for OF on the iPhone. I'm not interested in what the standalone Mac version can do since I won't be buying it.