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I want to know how the interface (if it exists) on the iPhone works for handling or putting projects/actions "On Hold"? I know OF for iPhone supports these, but is there anyway to actually put the projects/actions on hold on the iPhone? I often have to postpone projects or actions and I don't want them cluttering up views if I don't need to see them.
Yes, you can put them on hold. In the projects list, tap edit, then the project you want to change, then select the appropriate status. You can then choose to have projects show either available (which will hide items on hold), or remaining (which won't).

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Second, how do people handle "Someday/Maybes"? Things for the iPhone allows you to put actions into this list thereby eliminating further pollution of your "must-do" actions/projects. I don't see a lot of mention on this forum of Someday/Maybes, but I know it's something I would definitely need
Well, I have a folder called "Someday, Maybe", and everything in it is on hold. In effect that's exactly the same as what Things does I think, except that OF doesn't automatically put items in that folder on hold. It'd be nice if a FOLDER could be put on hold I guess, though you could use a project instead of a folder. I prefer a folder myself because my someday items all tend to be projects (often with no actions decided on yet) rather than individual actions.

The impression I get is that Things is probably closer to what many people want out of the box, but is far less configurable than OF so that you're stuck with their idea of how it should be.

That said, I'd like OF to be even more configurable - the main need being editable perspectives rather than the fixed ones we get now.

The lack of trial versions for the iPhone is a real pain, though I don't know if maybe Apple's refund policy is flexible enough to act a bit like a trial scheme.

Where are you based? Maybe there's someone on here who's close to you and willing to let you have a play.


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