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Folders on the iPhone work "horizontally"; tapping projects moves you right to a list of folders if you have them, along with projects that aren't in folders. Tap a folder and you see any projects and actions in it. Tap a project and you see it's actions. If you have a Mac the best analogy is columns view in Finder, but with each column on a separate page accessed by tapping on something in the previous page.

Think of folders in exactly the same way as file folders - they are containers for things, but not really actionable "things" themselves.

Re the today list, you can do the same in OF using flags. On the desktop I have a "perspective" (a saved view to anyone but Omni!!!), that shows only available incomplete actions I've flagged during a daily review of all my available actions. The only limitation is that you can't have a view in OF that shows all due actions regardless of flag status, plus all others that are flagged, the equivalent of Things putting everything that's due into your today list automatically, but that's not to much of an issue as the list you're reviewing from can be sorted or grouped by due date so you just flag all the ones at the top before doing anything else!

BUT, that's on the desktop. For me it works reasonably well to do the review on the desktop, and then just look at the today list (under "flagged") on the iPhone. I'm not sure how easy it would be to do on the iPhone. I reckon it's possible, but it might not be a very smooth workflow because you're stuck with the views (perspectives) you're given. That's precisely why I think it's essential we have editable perspectives on the iPhone ASAP.

You can't specifically hold an individual action, but you can put it into a held context which effectively does the same thing.

Hmm, Ottawa. I'm in Portsmouth, UK, so maybe a tad far off to let you play with my copy! Mind you, I'm meant to be on holiday this week, so if you fancy stumping up the air fare I'll gladly pop over !! :)



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