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Well I hate playing with start dates, as you don't want to put the start date back too far for fear of missing the action if it turns out you CAN do it in the meantime, yet don't want to have the date too close to now or you'll have to keep changing it. Very "un-GTD"!! Fine if you absolutely know when it'll want to come off hold, but most times you (sorry, I) don't.

Better to put it in an on hold context until you can deal with it IMHO. That way you can still review an "on hold" list each day, and you don't have to change anything until you're ready to work on it.

But you don't have to relegate it to a folder. You just give it a context that is on hold (waiting being the standard one but you can put any context on hold). It doesn't matter where the action is (in or out of a project, in or out of a folder), you can still do this.

When you want to unhold it, you just assign it a context that's active.

Works a treat.