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I have repeating projects, like an annual report, which has a number of actions with different start dates (and sometimes due dates). When the annual report is done, I wish to have a fresh (all actions incomplete) project auto-generated. The project itself is recurring, and I set a start date for it, and 'repeat from the assigned date'. Thus when the project is complete, a new project will be created.

1) What I haven't spent the time to figure out, is best practice for the actions within it that have start dates. I.e., should I make them repeating, in addition to the project's repeat, since the repeat dates are often different?

2) I add some actions to the project that are specific to the current (active) project, which I may or may not use in subsequent incarnations, however I'd like to carry the actions forward just in case. I could mark mark them as complete (and make a note "not done this year"), then delete them once the project is complete (but they will remain in the next incarnation).

If people have other methods, I'd love to hear about them.