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Hi. I use the perspective called "Due or Flagged." I truly can't remember if it was one that was set up when I got the software or if I created it. The problem I'm having is that an item that I have explicitly flagged is not showing up on my screen.

Here are my settings:
Group by: Due Date
Sort by: Start Date
Show Status: Due or Flagged
Duration: Any
Flag State: Any

I have a project called "Books to Read." There are no start and no due dates. When reviewing my projects I decided that I'd like to read one of those books soon. So I flagged it. When I went to my perspective called "Due or Flagged" this task does not show up? I'm assuming that I should not have to have a due date for this item. The report selection criteria is NOT selecting based on start date, so it should pick tasks that are either
1) Due (based on due date)
2) Flagged

Do I have a wrong interpretation of this?
Thanks so much,