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I now have the answer to my question.

If somebody needs it, please post here and I'll answer you.

I'd love to see your solution to this. I'm trying to get an oo3 file into my RapidWeaver project. I've exported the oo3 file it as dynamic html, which actually ended up being static until I deleted the bullets in OmniOutliner Preferences>RTF Export before exporting. Then the exported html page rendered correctly in Safari with the disclosure triangles functioning as expected.

Getting this to work in RW, however, has been tricky. I've pasted the source code into a RW html page; did a Search/Replace of the code and edited outliner.js so they could pick up the files from the correct location;
added the .png assets and .js file to the Page Inspector>Header>Assets pane of RW.

But despite great advice on the realmacsoftware forum, I get correctly indented text but no disclosure triangles, just those blue question mark file-not-found images.

If you have formulated a step-by-step solution I'd love to see it!