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I'd love to see your solution to this.
Hi Christopher,

I am now away and will be for some weeks from my usual computer where I have the related RW website project but I can try to help you.

What I did was very simple and I'm still wondering why the OmniGroup staff did not bother to reply and why the RW forum was not able to help, all these people know MUCH MORE than I do...
But nevermind.

Do as follows:

1. Publish your RW project without the OOL file.
2. If you have Transmit, open it: in the left pane it displays what's on your computer and in the right pane what's published on your host's servers.
3. Find the file where your RW website is published (in Transmit's right pane).
4. Find the "public_htlm" folder related to your RW website (some webhosting companies call this folder a different name but find the folder).
5. Into the "public_htlm" folder, create a subfolder called EXACTLY the same name as your OOL file on your computer
6. Still in Transmit, go to the left pane and find your OOL folder on your computer.
7. Upload this OOL folder to the subfolder you've just created
8. On your computer: open your RW website project, create an external page and link it. In my example the name of the link would be:
9. Republish you RW website project.
10. Voilą ;-)

Note: I must say that my original OOL file (or package) does not contain any image or sound, but just words; it's a glossary or sort of.

Maybe you could try that if you haven't already and let me know what happens.

Good luck ;-)