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Some lists of things you want to tick off you don't want to vanish as 'completed'.

For instance, some people owe me money for t shirts. So I create an action with sub actions (names of people to collect from):

Collect money for t shirts


However, when I mark someone as 'completed' (because they paid me) their entry vanishes. But this isn't what I want to happen. I would prefer if their name remained ticked off but still on the list. I want to keep this group of people in this action list together for current and later reference - in some of their note fields I have kept info about how much they paid, how much I owe them back etc

I want to LOCK this action list with it's sub actions so I can keep an eye on it. Having things vanish off into the nowhere of 'completed actions' spits this info in a way I can't then really use again.

Any ideas on this? I always have my 'removed completed actions' set to on because I like things to go away once they're completed. But for some specific action lists I don't. Could we have this behavior on an action by action or subgroup basis? Or even have a new category of sub group called checklist? For me, these kinds of lists are just ever so slightly different in my mind to normal actions.