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I really think it must be fairly simple to allow lists to override your 'tidy up on completion' setting when you want, 'cos that's all it really is.

Oh, and I want them to be checkboxes and not ticks. And I want hundreds and thousands.

Well, let's see, we need UI elements in both versions to control where this feature is used (further complicating the out of the box experience for a new user). We probably need additional support in the file format to store this information and convey it to the other sync clients. It all needs to be documented and tested. And when we're all done, we've got something you can already do by using features already present!

It took a long time to get auto-completion of action groups and projects, despite many requests by a large group of users, and that was something of seemingly comparable complexity that couldn't be done with existing features. By all means, send your feature request to the ninjas, but I bet you'll have quite a few opportunities to do it a different way while you wait :-)