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I've used Omnifocus for several months and love it. Since December, I have not used Omni on my iphone. I tried to sync it in a couple of ways and I always get the message:

Unable to synchronize database with server.
can't find host

I've tried reading some of the threads on this forum but I haven't been able to fix my problem yet.

Earlier tonight on my phone, in my settings, I saw that I had
43 projects, 310 actions, and 2866 zip files.

1) Why do I have so many zip files?

One thing that seems like it would be a problem is that the size of the omnifocus.ofocus file on my Mac laptop is 12.1 MB. From what I've read - that is huge - especially since I only have 310 actions.

2) Is there something I should do about that?

3) I'm using Bonjour to sync. Before last month I had no problem syncing... but I can't say what might have changed to make it not work now.

My Omni version is 1.6.
My iphone version is hmmm - how do I find that?

I do get as far as the phone asking me for the password.