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That's exactly what it should do, if the little people icon is light gray. That means the duration will not change, even if you have 14 people watching the paint dry. This puts the dark gray people icon next to the effort field, meaning that field's value varies depending on the resources assigned.

If however, the task is painting a fence, then getting 2 people to paint the fence will make the job go twice as fast, so the duration *should* be affected by the resources. Then you want the dark gray people by the duration field, and the light gray people icon by the effort field. Then you can say that painting the fence will take 12 hours of effort, and if you assign 2 people, OmniPlan will set the duration to 6 hours automatically.

If you've got a specific case where your tasks aren't behaving like this, please send us an email ( so we can track down the issue.