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In the thread 'Applescript for finding an OmniFocus project quickly' RobTrew and I started to discuss an AppleScript based in the SQL query part of the 'quick project find'-script from Rob to export all projects that are neither completed nor dropped from Omnifocus for important into MailTags.

This would be a 'oneway-sync' and not the final and perfect solution, but at least a workable one. We still want Indev to ship MailTags 3.0 with full Omnifocus integration ;-)

The discussion was left at the point where we discussed to put the export directly into Apple's .plist format and overwrite the last .plist, which has some pros (saving a manual step to important a flat text file into MailTags), but also some risk, since any projects not in Omnifocus, but created in MailsTags since the last import will be overwritten.

The text file approach is supported by MailTags out of the box and allows for appending projects rather than replacing. There are some "pros" I can see with this approach, but also some "cons". For example you would need to find a way to determine the delta in Omnifocus from the last export if you want to consistently append projects to the list.

Of course the text import also supports replacement of the project list, but why then not saving that manual steps and directly replace the .plist?

By the way, Rob, the .plist I am referring should be located in '/Library/Application Support/Mail'.

So how would people like to be able to import a Omnifocus Project List into MailTags?