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I've been experimenting with both OF's Mail preferences (the one with the +omnifocus and the one with the Subject Starting with xxxx).

After my tests, I've come to the this conclusion (PLEASE correct me if you find something inaccurate):

- Using OF's Mail preference #1 (the +omnifocus address) works ONLY if it is typed in the To: or CC: email fields.
If one writes it in the Bcc: field, it will NOT WORK. OF will not "see" it (which is a major bummer for me). I wish I could just type the +omnifocus address in the Bcc field so I could Bcc to myself certain emails that I want to follow up and show up in OF as reminders that I'm expecting some kind of answer.

Even if I edit the header list in Mail and add the Bcc field (so I can use it as a rule), OF will ignore this email. It just sits in my Inbox.

Is there a way I can make this rule work with the Bcc field?

I know I could just use it in the Cc: field, but I'm not sure I like the idea that my clients will see this "weird" address in the Cc field. It's a little intrusive, especially if I want to add commands for automatic Project, Context, Date or Flag placements.

I tired using the OF Mail preference #2 too (the Subject starting with xxx). This sort of works if I start the subject with something inconspicuous, such as a _ or even a space or dot. But then my iCal email alarms wouldn't get processed into OF because there's no way I can control what iCal calls things (it always gives you the subject of "Alarm - xxxxx" in the email).

So both of these options almost work for me, but now quite.

- Can you advise me on how I can accomplish what I want with the Bcc?
- Can I change the way iCal writes the subject of the alarm email? (the Alarm -xxx part).

It seems to me that OF could be a little more robust with this way of handling emails. Perhaps if they added an option of Subject Ending with xxx would help?

Thank you!