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Some thoughts:

The whole point of sending a bcc is that the address isn't disclosed, so it isn't too surprising that OmniFocus doesn't see your address as one of the recipients. However, you may be able to do an end run around this by adding Original-Recipient to your header list and editing the Mail rule to check that as well as the usual place. I haven't tested this, and make no promises that it works with every mail program out there (but it only has to work with yours!)

Don't bcc yourself on the original message. Instead, go to your sent folder after you send out the original message, select the message, and use Mail's Message→Send Again command, addressing this copy to your OmniFocus email address. No one needs to see that you chose as your OmniFocus email address.

However, it sounds to me like you don't really want to be sending messages to the world at large that include the somewhat cryptic markup that enables OmniFocus to turn the email into actions with due dates, contexts, etc. Rather, you just want a copy of the message you sent turned into an action in your Inbox, with the subject line mapped to the action name, and the body of the message in the notes. This is readily achieved, and no one on the outside need be any the wiser.

You set up OmniFocus to get mail via the "+omnifocus" addressing trick. Once the mail rule is installed, you edit it (if you don't need to be able to send yourself messages that are processed into actions) or duplicate it and then edit it (if you want both approaches available) to trigger on messages that come from you (or whoever else you want to be able to inject such messages into your mailbox) and are sent to you. Make sure all the desired allowed senders are on the list in the OmniFocus preferences. Make sure this rule comes before any other OmniFocus-related rules. You'll also most likely want to remove any rule actions that delete the message and/or mark it read. Now whenever a matching message comes in, if the sender is on the allowed list, a copy of the message will automatically appear in your OmniFocus Inbox for processing, and you'll still be able to read it in Mail.

I use this extensively to forward email from the Omni support ninjas and auto-responder into OmniFocus, and it works quite well for me. It's a pain when the allowable senders list gets clobbered, though! Unfortunately, you do not get the "Original message" link like you would if you brought the message in via the Clip-o-Tron, but if that's important, the presence of the automatically added action could serve as the reminder to go clip the original to replace it.
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