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Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful answer, whpalmer4.

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The whole point of sending a bcc is that the address isn't disclosed, so it isn't too surprising that OmniFocus doesn't see your address as one of the recipients.
Agreed. I also experienced this within Mail's rules. I couldn't make it work using the Bcc field.
No wonder... I completely ignored the fact that it's actually its raison d'etre.

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However, you may be able to do an end run around this by adding Original-Recipient to your header list and editing the Mail rule to check that as well as the usual place. I haven't tested this, and make no promises that it works with every mail program out there (but it only has to work with yours!)
Thanks for that!
Unfortunately, I just tried it, and it didn't work.

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Don't bcc yourself on the original message. Instead, go to your sent folder after you send out the original message, select the message, and use Mail's Message→Send Again command, addressing this copy to your OmniFocus email address. No one needs to see that you chose as your OmniFocus email address.
That was actually my first attempt at a solution. It works, but I am looking for ways to automate these things as much as possible.

I basically want to:
a) For some emails I write, I'd like to have OF automatically process them and put the reminder in the right context and start date or flag.
b) These chosen emails would be somehow "marked" (with a tag in the body or subject) or by any un-intrusive means (so OF recognizes them).
c) I would like to do a and b above without having my clients read a weird subject such as:
How did you like the music? ! #tomorrow ::Projectxxxxxxxxxx@followup

d) I also want my iCal reminders (email Alarms) to be processed by OF, but since I can't change the beginning of the email Subject iCal uses, then points a / c seem to be mutually exclusive with d, correct? I'd have to use the +omnifocus method for this instead.

Even if I figured how to make OF see the self Bcc'd email (my original intent), I'd still be stuck with the c issue.

Frankly, after trying so many things, I'm starting to think the easiest way to handle these scenarios is by simply having a repeating task in my OF core that reads something like: "Review FollowUp smartmailbox in Mail" with a link to it.

This smart-box automatically gets all the email that I'm waiting for an answer (by adding a tag to the body of the message), so I guess it's just easier to remind myself to check it every couple of days...

I'm probably over-complicating myself, as usual. This simpler approach seems to be not particularly elegant but so much easier and practical, yes?

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