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The documentation says that the text after the > is parsed just as if you had typed it into the project cell in an OmniFocus row, but the behavior described in the documentation and the behavior I'm observing do not appear to be identical. I've filed a bug report, and you should, as well: use Help→Send Feedback to do so. Until the bug is fixed, it appears that you cannot reliably work with identically named projects in different folders via the Mail interface.
I will file a bug report right now.

But must one include the full path to the project? (folder1>folder2>Project X)? I see no other obvious way to differentiate between to identically named projects, even if it worked as expected with the mail rule.

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The start date, no due date case is easily handled: just leave the due date portion blank (still need the #, of course).
Thanks for this!
Now that you told me it seems so obvious : >)

Thank you, whpalmer. I always read your posts with great interest.

BTW, I am LOVING OF. It's such a great program!
It's taken me a few weeks and lots of reading to fully implement it (and GTD) into my workflow, but I feel ready now.

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