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But must one include the full path to the project? (folder1>folder2>Project X)? I see no other obvious way to differentiate between to identically named projects, even if it worked as expected with the mail rule.
Yes, you would need to specify enough of the path to make it unambiguous, but that might only be something like r1:r2:X — experiment in OmniFocus to find out what you need.

It turns out that while there is still a parsing bug (in my opinion), you can get it to work by putting spaces between the components of the path. For example, ">folder1 der2 X" might match your folder1:folder2:Project X above. You might even be able to get away with ">2 X" as long as there isn't another project with X in its name inside a folder with a 2 in its name.

Now that you told me it seems so obvious : >)
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Thank you, whpalmer. I always read your posts with great interest.
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