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Hi there,

it seems to me that quick strikethrough formatting has been on peoples' wishlist for many years but still hasn't been implemented. See:

I'm puzzled to find an entry in the Format menu for contour / outline formatting (Who actually uses that?) but none for strikethrough formatting. Anyway, I'm trying to close this gap on my own via AppleScript. I already got my hopes up, first after skimming through OO's AppleScript dictionary and a second time after reading this thread:

Unfortunately, I'm not sure how I could adapt that code to apply it on the current selection. Would I need to create an system-wide Automator service?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Are you just looking for a way to apply strikethrough? Not have keyboard access to different style options of strikethrough? The easiest option would be to create a named style for it and apply it using the keyboard shortcut for those, either the function keys or control + number (setting in prefs).

Created named styles is only available with the Pro version.

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