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I use a javascript bookmarklet that works with the client
Pukka. It works similarly to any pop-up boormarklets, only
it creates a pukka url that loads the fields into Pukka. Lately, I
seem to be getting really weird results with this bookmarklet. I can't
tell where the problem lies, but it seems to me that it has to do with
the way OmniWeb is handling Javascript. See below for the bookmarklet

javascript:document.location.href='pukka:url='+enc odeURIComponent(location.href)+'&title='+encodeURI Component(document.title)+'&extended='+encodeURICo mponent(window.getSelection());

Sometimes, OmniWeb gives me an error page saying that javascript is
not a recognized protocol. When that happens, I change one of the
Javascript related preferences under the Security preferences and then
it seems to work.

But other times, the bookmarklet does not work at all. Clicking on it
in my favorites bar produces absolutely no reaction except that the
background of the bookmarklet highlights briefly. It seems like
OmniWeb isn't even trying to execute the Javascript. This problem
appears to be related to specific pages, because other pages will work
except the one that I'm trying to bookmark. Today, one such page is I tried
restarting OmniWeb and copying the URL in a new page, but nothing

Other bookmarklets that are supposed to generate a new window also exhibit the same problem on the same pages.

Anybody else experienced this?

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