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This has actually made me switch back to Safari for my default. I like to use bookmarklets to move my windows around, etc, and my handmade javascript bookmarklets simply don't work in a window that has tabs open. They work fine in a 1 tab (i.e. no tab) window. Most of my first 10 favorites (w/ shortcuts) follow this model:
Under the security preference pane do you have "Allow scripts to resize windows" and "Allow scripts to reorder windows"? Try turning them off and see if the problem continues.
I also have a Google Bookmarks bookmarklet that creates a popup. It works with a 1 tab (i.e. no tab) window, but if there's more than 1 tab open when I invoke it, the window that should be a popup is instead made into a new tab at the end of the tabs in the window. Much more inconvenient than a popup.
I'm not sure why this bookmarklet would stop working with multiple tabs open. Perhaps the particular tab you're on has a site preference that is causing problems.