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Under the security preference pane do you have "Allow scripts to resize windows" and "Allow scripts to reorder windows"? Try turning them off and see if the problem continues.

I'm not sure why this bookmarklet would stop working with multiple tabs open. Perhaps the particular tab you're on has a site preference that is causing problems.
Changing the security prefs doesn't fix it. My window bookmarklets ONLY work if there's only 1 tab. More than 1, the Bookmarks menu flashes when i type the keyboard command-1 through command-4 (set as window bookmarklets), but the window doesn't move an inch.

No, I checked and this bookmarklet doesn't make a popup for any window with multiple tabs open, regardless of the current tab and whether it has site specific preferences set (I checked). And now, it won't make a popup for a single tab window, either--it opens what should be the popup in a new tab.

I get the sense this kind of stuff is only happening to me. Maybe I have too much old junk in my OmniWeb defaults? I know there are some obsolete usernames in there where directories are referenced (I migrated my user account and changed short names, and often wonder if that's the source of any occasional weirdness I encounter).

I'm glad to hear that this is an error and not something that everyone deals with. I'll export my bookmarks to another user account and try it there.