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As some of you may know, Omni wrote a web front end to OmniFocus. This web application is hosted on your own Mac but can make data in your OmniFocus accessible on your iPhone. How cool is that?!

Omni has sadly, yet understandably, decided to discontinue effort on the web app. The problem is not the app itself but how to expose the app to the internet. You see, setting up a web server on your Mac at home and then exposing it to the internet is tricky business that your non-hardcore geek Mac user won't enjoy dealing with. Instead, Omni is hoping that the iPhone SDK will answer their prayers in February. I'm right their hoping with them as well.

In the meantime, Omni has graciously released the web app under the extremely permissive MIT license. This means that yours truly, and any and all of you as well, can make improvements/add-ons/bug fixes to it and release them in the wild!

The web app is written in Ruby on Rails. That was all that I had to hear. You see, I LOVE Ruby. Yes, indeed, I love Ruby with bold CAPITAL letters.

I recently set up a project on RubyForge to help me manage my changes to the application but also make it easy for others to become involved. RubyForge greatly simplifies the sharing of a codebase; it provides forums, mailing lists, version control, and other great features.

Even if you're not a code monkey, like yours truly, come on by and create an account! Or, at the very least, join the mailing list! The "tracker" there will allow you to report bugs, provide suggestions, etc.

If you've already written some code for the web app, submit it as a patch via the tracker as well. If you're code is decent, I'll be more than glad to give you commit rights on the project so that we can communally add features faster.

What I intend to do, other than write beautiful (I hope so... ;-) ) Ruby code for this project is to try to moderate the technical discussion. In particular, I'm a fan of Omni's approach to the web app -- which has been to keep it fairly focused around ACTING and less on PLANNING. That said, I realize that some users will demand more of their OmniFocus web app. This is where we can provide optional features to the web app such as a planning UI or a non-iPhone style for those who want to access the app via a web browser on another platform.

I hope that some of you out there are as excited about OmniFocus and OmniFocus' web app as I am. Omni has done a great thing for GTD'ers with OmniFocus and especially by releasing the OF web app under MIT. Now let's help each other out and make this web app all that it can be!

Project files:
README: (some instructions regarding port forwarding and Dynamic DNS for those behind routers at home -- which is almost everyone)

Update 1/10/08: v0.1.2 is available which corrects the bug folks were having when adding a new task.


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