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While investigating a subtle problem with 1Password 3.8.2 and OmniWeb 5.11, I found a note in the AgileBits forums about no 1Password support for OmniWeb on Lion, which led me to the "1Password extension and Lion" topic in this forum. (I'll be upgrading to Lion as soon as one key app makes the move.)

Although I did my own password management before 1Password, I can't imagine day-to-day use of a browser without the 1Password keyboard shortcut helping me login at various sites, especially those where I have numerous logins (e.g., Google accounts for many support clients).

I also can't imagine day-to-day use of a browser without OmniWeb's key features: Workspaces!!!, tab drawer, ad blocking, site-specific preferences, browser spoofing, ...

Google helped me discover SafariStand, a Safari extension that appears to offer an OmniWeb-like tab drawer and workspaces. I haven't tried it yet.

I imagine others share my desire for an OmniWeb-like experience on Lion. Let's use this topic to collect possibilities and real world experiences.

-- Ward

P.S. Upon re-reading this I realized I must make clear that I've been a committed fan of OmniWeb since 4.0.5 in November 2001. I also know that The Omni Group and AgileBits must focus their resources. So we're unlikely to see OmniWeb and 1Password on Lion any time soon.

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