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The 1Password app has (in Snow Leopard and earlier) very tight integration with OmniWeb (and Safari), which makes it almost painless to have hundreds of different usernames and passwords. There's an extra button in the toolbar that gets it to do its magic, and it stuffs the username/password/other details into the browser directly so that even an active keylogger would not be able to steal them. Unfortunately, the Apple-provided mechanism used for OmniWeb and older versions of Safari to do 1Password's bidding has been removed from Lion, and converting OmniWeb to use the Safari extension architecture is more work than can be economically justified. This leaves lovers of OmniWeb and 1Password in the difficult spot of deciding whether OmniWeb's features are more important than super-convenient password management, or if they should try to find a way to emulate OmniWeb's features in Safari or Firefox. Or just never move to Lion, although that isn't a practical long-term choice.