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Just keep going, guys! I've been very happy with what I have seen so far. And, yes, I would pay for the software. Nowadays a web browser is such a fundamental tool, actually for many people the tool they work with most of the day, why then not pay for it if it does a better job than others?

One comment on rendering performance. I don't see the point in those speed rankings. The differences are often not noticable for the user. What counts much more nowadays is slick handling of many tabs and stability and usability in general. I like the tab handling of OW very much. The workspaces are a great idea. I usually have more than 40 tabs open, often - e.g. when we're bugfixing at work - it's even many more. The memory footprint of the software has remained moderate, and the program has crashed once in 5 days nonstop operation (I don't even shutdown my laptop, just put it to sleep mode instead). That's one crash too many, but still far better than others.

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