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ok, just got done getting Google Chrome set back up, getting 1Password working with it in Lion, etc...

by the way, I went to the 1Password blog to see what they say about no longer supporting various browsers like OW. Yes, they could still do it now but they say that those hooks are going away so it makes no sense to dedicate development resources to providing a solution that is temporary. If true, I can completely understand that. They assert the issue is that these other browsers are not creating proper hooks on their end to allow this new framework to function.

I don't say this happily as I'm a huge fan of OmniGroup and own most of their products and use OmniFocus on my Mac and iPhone daily. But after switching back to Chrome, there is no question it's a much faster browser and I'm having less memory issues and less spinning beachballs. And that is what is so frustrating. If there's a more beautiful, function-rich browser than OmniWeb I've yet to see it. I LOVE the look and feel of the app, but the performance has grown long in the tooth and it obviously does not have the API structure to be viable going forward as currently constructed.

I'd be thrilled to see OmniGroup invest some resources into this app, and if they returned it to a paid app and brought it current so its performance was comparable to Chrome and I could use 1Password again, I'd pay $20 easily to use it.

But as it stands, I've got no choice but to walk away from this app. Hope I get to come back to it some day.