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We're happy to help folks with this, and the initial contact can be whatever's simpler for folks - phone or email is fine. The time zone difference tends to be the main obstacle to live support for overseas customers, but we'll generally just call at an agreed-upon time during our business hours when the need arises for overseas phone support.

With regards to the specifics of creating a perspective for folks: it's easiest to do if folks are syncing via our server, but even when that's not the case, it's not a problem. It may just be a bit more effort to retrieve the database and get it to us.

Only things to keep in mind are that it's necessarily going to involve exposing the entire contents of the customers' database to us, and folks kinda need to hold off on syncing their devices for a certain amount of time - we don't want to accidentally create a situation where database compaction causes unexpected results.

I think it'll be easier for everyone once perspective creation appears in the iOS apps, which means it's time for the obligatory if you want that, email the support ninjas and let them know. ;-)