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Am I correct in the assumption that you have set your Mac to only clean up the inbox when the action has a project and a context?
That's correct. I don't want actions disappearing into the Miscellaneous tar pit, or not having a context assigned. I don't necessarily process my Inbox action by action I'll often set the context of a whole slew of actions at once, then go back and assign the projects. OmniFocus will do a "clean up" when you switch views, so if I have to switch views to look at a project to decide if it is the right home for one of those actions, without that setting, the rest of the actions would be swept out to the Miscellaneous single action list, and that's almost never what I want! With a small collection of actions, it's easy to notice when something is out of place and put it where it belongs, but I'd rather get it right the first time.