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Often I find myself going over my content in omnioutliner and wanting to move content around

I use the search function alot. Lets say I have a sublist of various to-do tasks with the title like "unorganized". Some of them I want to move to a certain place in my document. (e.g. work) and some of it I want to move to an other place (e.g. maps)

I use the search function to navigate around in my document. I copy the content I want to move and the I write "work" in the search field and this brings me to the right place in the document where I can paste in the new item.

The problem starts when I constantly have to do searches to bring me back to the initial list "unorganized". It would be great if there was a browser like backward - forward buttons on top which could quickly bring me back to the previous place in the document. (also used in Spotify - which is very effective when you work with songs and playlists)

Another great option would be to have some kind of search history on top of the interface which could become clickable links. E.g. if your three last search words where "unorganized", "work", "maps" you could always click back to unorganized every time you needed to pick up a new item.

A third option would be some kind of bookmarking system of your favorite locations in your document which could also be abutton or some one-click solution.

Or perhaps you could add keyboard shortcuts to a spesific place in your document?

Are any of these options allready available?