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I have ominioutliner app in my intel mac applications folder. I have absolutely no idea what it is for & I haven't been able to find out.

I find this difficulty in finding out basic information about software utterly appalling & I have had a complete overdose of it recently.

the reason I am trying to find out about omnioutliner is that I exported my wordpress blog to my computer to back it up. An XML file was downloaded which told me I couldn't open it.

All my efforts to find out why have failed.

I just had to guess there was some connection with omnioutliner, but heaven knows what it might be because all I have found so far is just random bits of useless information.

Can anyone tell me what Omnioutliner is used for, without me having to spend hours reading irrelevancies and just guessing.

I think software writers must be the biggest idiots on the planet for their inabilty to explain their product to users.