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I can't seem to get my OmniFocus due dates to show up on Gcal. Everything works properly with iCal, and ports through correctly to Fantistical, which is what I actually use on my Mac and ios. I want to hard due dates in Gcal for two specific purposes: so my wife can see them, and so my daily Google Calendar agenda email contains everything.

In my OmniFocus:Preferences:SyncTab I have "Publish Due reminders as a calandar" checked, and I'm subscribed in iCal, which is why I assume everything else works. It seems like the next step is to copy the ical weblink and subscribe to it in Gcal. This is where it seems to fail, and by fail I mean nothing happens after I subscribe. That address looks like: webcal://

Can anyone offer help? Is this even possible? My guess is that what the service provides only works in iCal, but that's just a shot in the dark.

I recognize the workaround is to make a daily recurring task which just says, "Check Daily Due Calendar," and I'm willing to do that, but I've grown used to starting my day with the auto-generated daily agenda from Gmail, and I'd like for my wife to see my full agenda. She only uses Gcal.

Thanks for any help.