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First, i've just tested OmniPresence on my own Mountain Lion Server and
discovered i need to wait for iOS apps update to have the benefit of it on other devices. The Mac-to-Mac Syncing (and versioning) works so fine, I'm very excited about it getting it on iOS apps.

But there is a little disappointed point for me with Omnipresence.
I've been long time waiting for an elegant way to organize Reference Document in OmniFocus (Ref Doc = Document related to a project). Since i read Omnipresence will be implemented on the WebDAV protocol, i thougt : "Cool. I'll be able to add somme http link in my OmniFocus actions. When clicking on it it will open the file from OmniPresence storage and modifications made in it will ba available to all other Macs/iPhone/iPad, from the same link in OmniFocus". I was wrong. As far as i know, there is no way to point to an OmniPresence stored Document with a universal link (independent of the device used).

Maybe you could give some general advices on how to manage Reference Doc for OmniFocus with OmniPresence (I don't want the Doc to be part of OmniFocus DB because it will make it too big), please.