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I just got invited into the OF2 beta, after having signed up on the site a few months ago. I seem to remember that ofexport could have issues if the OF schema changes in the sqllite database. Have you gotten a chance to test ofexport with OF 2? I wouldn't be surprised if OF2 introduces some schema changes.
I think your scripting should serve you well for a while no immediate prospect of changes to the sqlite schema. OF2 will essentially be a new skin around vintage wine. There may be some Applescript changes to the UI level, but the table and field structure haven't changed.

In addition, the first draft of the beta (the one that can be downloaded) was a very preliminary and experimental sketch, not a full implementation even of existing OF1 functionality you probably won't find yourself using it regularly, and even the visual level of it now being revised, to make sure that it promotes the user content more than itself, and majors more on good information design than on decorative upholstery and visual allusion.