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Defer means postpone, so the start date shouldn't be called 'defer until'. I would expect 'defer' to postpone an action with a given start and/or due date.
I have sent feedback noting I do NOT like the word "Defer" to refer to Start Date.

When I am planning something that I can't start until next Monday that is a start date. Defer only makes sense if I am *delaying* some existing action I could/should have been working on.

I find it particularly troublesome on the Forecast screen; I see actions labeled "Deferred Until Today" and I get stressed, as OmniFocus is implying that I have procrastinated on some items and now they are coming back to haunt me. I don't need stress. I have turned off viewing Deferred item for this reason (despite preferring to see items that have just started as a way of refreshing my memory).