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Outliner files are already XML files. If you right-click on an OO3 file and choose "Show Package Contents" you'll see a contents.xml file.
Makes sense having it as a XML file... I opened the "contents.xml" file in BBedit and it came up as gibberish. How is the file encoded? Is the file proprietary? Am I missing something here?

Really what I want is an HTML export that isn't bloated with table tags and inline styles. OO3 HTML output reminds me of the HTML that MS Word belches out. (not that bad but... ) The resultant web page looks nice... but the styles can't be adjusted as they are imbedded (inline?).

I don't need a web page that looks like my OO3 document. I need a web page that matches my existing site's style.

I would asume that it relatively simple task to add a "clean and simple HTML" export to OO3's export options. Right?