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When I first started using OmniFocus, I wasn't familiar with GTD so I kind of ignored the context view and just did everything in the project view (Planning Mode?). So today I was trying to use contexts, except things weren't working as I would expect them to.

I spent quite some time trying to figure out why I was only seeing three of my ~20 projects show up in Context Mode, and it was only when I happened to be right-clicking around on things that I noticed that one of my top-level folders did not have a checkmark next to "Active". I have no idea how it came to be inactive, but it caused quite a bit of confusion on my part.

I really like the little status icons (green checkmark, pause, etc) on the project icons, can these be added to folders as well?

Also, why is it that folders can be active/inactive, but not on hold, completed, or dropped?