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I'm having the same problem w/ getting a clear picture of what I want to focus on for a day now that I have all my projects and tasks in OmniFocus.

It's funny - several months ago I got into GTD and starting looking around for apps. Along the way I found a video of a guy who devised a model using OmniOutliner (I think) that tracked his projects and what he was working on for a given week and a given day. At the beginning of each week, he dragged the stuff he wanted to work on for that week. Then, at the beginning of each day, he simply took from the 'This Week' list and dragged into his 'Today' list.

I filed away the solution thinking I had more to learn about GTD and the world of GTD-specific apps out there. But I'm finding myself drawn to that simple model of just saying, 'Here's what I want to do today' and then use my Context view to get the work done. Not, 'Here's my list of stuff I can do today...what was it again that I wanted to concentrate on? Well, that one task is good to go, I'll do that...but wait,' etc.

With all the great stuff built into OmniFocus, I'm still having trouble pulling away from the details of managing the list and the contexts and just focusing on the 'doing' part in the simple way that the GTD process is supposed to provide. I'm going to take a closer look at the use of flags and start dates, per some posts on this thread, but I'm still looking for an easier way...maybe just a 'Today's Tasks' view. I'll have to think more about it but I welcome input from those of you who are more experienced w/ GTD and OmniFocus.

I just found the link to that video if you're interested: