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Don't fight against start date, use it. It's really "OF, please don't remind me about X until date".
Yes, I know, and I use it that way. The problem with using it for "this week, but not immediately" is that as far as I can tell there's no filter for that, so there's no way to see what I have on tap for the rest of the week.

If in context mode, I show remaining, I'll see all the remaining items, not just the ones who's start dates are within the next week. If I group by due date, I can collapse the items later than within the next week, but it doesn't help me with items that have no due date. And I also see all of the tasks, not just the available actions.

You can certainly do that now, by creating a folder called "This week" and another within it called "Today"
Sure, but then I screw up my "by areas of life" hierarchy, or have to duplicate it. Also, I can only drag projects in there, not singletons or action groups.

I suppose I could do it on the context side, but then I have to duplicate what contexts I have, and I have to do it for every item, making it difficult to flag whole projects or action groups at once.

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