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As the OP noted, one reason these didn't make it in is that this overlaps with project reviews -- a weekly review of active projects will already let you find blocked projects. Now, in some cases, you might find a more timely notification useful, so it would be helpful to explain situations where you'd use this where a weekly review wouldn't be sufficient.
I checked for blocked projects and action groups without next actions on at least a daily basis, in my evening review. As an academic my work is incredibly deadline driven. Dozens of firm deadlines pass by every week. A weekly review for action groups without next actions isn't even close to sufficient.

A typical specific use case is that I'll add an action group like "Write Final Exam" to my "Enthusiastically Delivered Intro. to Software Development Course" project. Within that action group I might add a couple of actions, "Print previous final exams" and "Review previous exams to spark problem ideas". I won't fully list all the steps to completing the action group.

Now, I review my deadline-rich projects on a daily basis, but occasionally I haven't metabolized enough caffeine to notice that I'm missing a next action. Having some highlighting to draw these items to my attention would be helpful.

The due-date badges help with this use case by drawing my attention to action groups with deadlines. I no longer have to fear missing a deadline because it was on an action group without a next action.