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We use Basecamp at my company for to-dos, project milestones, asset management, etc. Personally, I use OF to manage my own workflow.

For example, when a support request (or RFE) comes in, our Project Manager fields the call and tasks one of us via Basecamp, which generates an email to the "taskee". I used to have a mail rule setup to throw all my Basecamp task notification info OF, but ultimately realized it was of no help. Each OF task in my inbox had a generic title from the email subject so it was difficult to discern the actual task when processing my inbox w/o looking at the notes field.

So, what I found that works for me is realizing that he Project manager tasks me for performing the work "ABC". After examining the to-do task in order to accomplish "ABC", it usually involved doing "QRS, "TUV', and "XYZ", so I setup a project in OF for the RFE and created actions. This may seem like an extra few steps, but inline with David Allen's GTD philosophy, even small to-dos are in fact full projects with individual actions.

I am eager to hear how others address GTD as a programmer.
Hope this helps.