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I can give you an example. I am able to work from home (wfh) twice a week but I don't always do it and it isn't always the same two days. However, the format of the project is always the same:

1. Book wfh (at least 2 days in advance of x date)
2. Send e-mail notification that I will be wfh on x date (at least 2 days in advance of x)
3. Turn on out of office message (on evening before wfh day)
4. Turn off out of office message (on evening before first day back in office)

Another example would be travelling for work - I do it 4 to 5 times a year but on different dates each time. However, I need to take essentially the same set of items with me each time as it is a work trip. Again, the current set-up doesn't work for this as the dates are not regular or repeating.

My workaround is to create a 'Template' for this type of project which contains all the actions that I need to repeat. I then duplicate the template each time I need to generate my e.g. 'WFH' project and then populate the timings manually. It is OK to an extent but is more work than it should be and also means that I constantly have 'ghost' projects and actions in my listing which are non-functional (other than being the templates for the real projects).

It is also a real drag that we don't have relative timings in OmniFocus so that e.g. I can set 1. and 2. to be always 2 days in advance of 3. in the example above.

Edit: As an aside, this also doesn't work for OmniFocus on the iPhone as you can't duplicate the template project, so some mechanism for using old projects as templates for new ones is required there as well!

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