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I do this similarly to Curt, but don't have the complex dating issues so don't require the script. One thing I do is put the first action on the project to duplicate the project so I don't mess up my template. I also put the last item on it to review the project at the end to see if I made any changes that need to be made to the template so that I have them for the next time I use it. This isn't that big of a deal and I can't envision how much some more elegant solution would help me. It seems it would be the same number of steps and have some of the same pitfalls (going back and updating the template to include changes for the next time.)

However, because I often have several projects with similar looking actions, I always preface those actions with something that makes it distinct to a certain project (a chapter, a course, a date, whatever makes sense for the situation). Each time I highlight the 'intro string', replace it with the new one, highlight it again, copy, then go down through each action individually highlighting (double clicking) and pasting. THAT's what I would love to happen more automatically.

Maybe a script could help me out, but that's the part I'd really look forward to a built in, more elegant solution for.