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Yes I agree totally. It would be perfect if I could assign contacts to context to easily dial up a contact on my @phone list. Now I have to close omnifocus, open contacts, memorize the number, close contacts, open omnifocus, open the action and hopefully remember the number and type it in the notes field.

I would very much like this to be added. Other than that I am VERY HAPPY with Omnifocus :-)
While I would also very much like to see this feature added to OF, there is a workaround that I've been using for some time even from my pre-iPhone days with other applications (ie, on the Blackberry).

Basically, if you enter the phone number into the task notes when you create the task in OmniFocus, then that number will become a tappable link (as described above), and you can then call directly from within OF without having to flip over to the contacts app. You could probably even find or cook up an Applescript that would do this for you on the desktop automatically, although punching in the number isn't normally too unwieldy.

Likewise, if you're clipping e-mails into OmniFocus and the e-mail includes a number, you'll have it automatically, since the body of the e-mail message lands in the OF notes.

Obviously this is less useful if you're only using OF on the iPhone, or you're entering most of your tasks on the iPhone, but since I do most of my serious task management from the desktop, I find it easy enough to drop the phone number in during my daily/weekly review, even if I entered the original task into my Inbox while on the go.