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Ah, I see the problem and what you want to do. I've only made circuit diagrams for first-year physics classes, so I hadn't confronted this. I assume you've been using the electronics stencils that are built in? The op-amp there has exactly the problems you mention.

I don't know how to solve this along the lines of your current workflow.

The way I would do it (in fact the way I have done it), is to turn off all connections and use the grid. I made all my own stencils for circuits, so I don't use any of the built-in ones. They are all sized the way I want them, so that's nice. So if I needed an op-amp, I would create a stencil that was appropriately sized and that put the connections on the grid right where they should be.

It's quite possible that my workflow won't scale well to complex diagrams, and it's fragile in the sense that making substantive can be a pain because each component needs to be arranged separately. It also doesn't make use of some of the neat things OG tries to offer, but I haven't gotten those things to work for me in this context. On the other hand, it does take advantage of some of the other feature of OG, like the ability to make new shapes and the ability to save things as stencils. Compared to what I once used (xfig) it's a big win.