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It is also worth pointing out, that having a similar number of security flaws as Internet Explorer does not necessarily equate with being as unsecure as IE (and vice versa). It also depends on how quickly they are (a) identified, (b) patched and (c) how severe the flaws were in the first place. I think Mozilla has a good track record with dealing with all three of those when it comes to Firefox. It is difficult to say with MS, Opera and Apple as they are closed source apps (apart from Apple's web rendering part) so you never know when some problems were identified and how long it took to patch them. However, Apple and MS have both been guilty of taking an awfully long time to fix some things (e.g. Java example above).

To get to the real point of my post - the only safe browser is actually you. Don't do stupid stuff with your browser and you are going to be safer (not necessarily safe, mind) no matter which browser you use.