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Hi. I am trying to justify using OG4 on a mac to my team by showing how well it can import and export to/from visio via vdx. When i take a native visio file on the pc, export to vdx, import to OG4 it generally works fine. There are two problems:

problem 1: if the visio file uses nested backgrounds (masters), the parent master doesnt show up in the child (ie. if master 2 uses master 1, master 2 doesnt show up in master 1 when imported into OG4)

problem 2: if i start with a native OG4 file with master, export to vdx and open the vdx in visio, the master do not show up at all in visio.

I can work around problem 1 by requiring non-nested masters (which would be a crying shame) but I cant work around problem 2. the fact that OG4 seems to strip out the masters when exporting to a vdx makes the export function totally useless.

Am I missing something? is there a way to get this masters game to work properly?