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Some more info... when I export a vdx from OG4 and then open it with OG4 the masters are gone. so this seems to be a problem with the way OG4 outputs vdx.

any chance of a bug fix???

let me tell you whats at stake: our company uses pcs and visio or powerpoint. recently the company has been giving new hires the option of a mac. but pp on a mac sucks. OG is the way to go for the work we are doing. but... if we cant get solid vdx support then they may recant the decision to give people macs or make the mac users use visio running under XP on the mac in Parallels enviroment. this would strike OG off the 'approved' apps list. we are talking about a company with thousands of employees...

its probably a good idea to get back to me with a fix for this or a promise to fix it in a near future release. I am the one in charge of reporting my findings on the ability of OG to export solid vdx files.