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You can sync 1.7 with 1.6.1 as long as you don't apply a custom user icon to a perspective. If you do, 1.7 stores the icon as an attachment, which causes 1.6.1 to crash because it can't figure out what's supposed to own that attachment (since it doesn't know about syncing perspectives).
Okay, that explains my problems as I had assigned custom icons to some of my perspectives. So if I use standard icons within Omnifocus that sync/crash problem between 1.6.1 and 1.7 should not happen?

BTW I did like the syncing of Perspectives between my Mac and MBP. Having spent ages setting them up in one place it was nice to see that work replicated on the other machine.

Had problems with syncing with iPhone where it lost all settings on MobileMe and removed all data from the phone but it appears to have found the database now and reimported all the information. Syncing is much quicker which is a bonus.

Have tried to revert to 1.6.1 on one machine so that I can compare versions, as I was not au fait enough with program to comment if something was better or not. But even using standard icon for a custom perspective caused the program to crash and refuse to open. Trying to revert to 1.6.1 on both machines caused crashes on both, so now I am trying to recover my database.


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